Leaders that Understand How the Economy Works

It’s time we had a representative that understands how our economy works. Our modern economy requires both private and public investments to grow. This means a well-educated and healthy workforce, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a clean environment.

I’m an economist, I understand that starving our schools, refusing to build new roads or repair our old bridges aren’t ways to grow. When we refuse to vote on investments in our infrastructure, like the Republicans in Olympia, we are setting ourselves up to fail - not succeed.

I’m also a life-long environmentalist, an educator, a union member, a mother and a wife. I want to use ideas that work to make people’s lives better, instead of relying on stale ideology. I’ll use data and evidence to guide investments and plan for our future.

As your representative I will focus on building long-term, steady economic growth that is consistent with environmental protection and respect for all members of our society.

  • Leadership on Climate Change: I have spent my academic career studying how to grow the economy and reduce carbon pollution. Washington State can be a leader on climate change using policies that have worked around the world to cut carbon pollution and grow the economy.  
  • Affordable Housing: For every 10 new households that have formed, we have built 7 new homes. You don’t need to be an economist to know that underbuilding will result in higher prices. The high cost of housing is destabilizing our families. Fully funding the Housing Trust Fund can provide affordable housing that will make housing more affordable for even more people than those directly served. The state government also needs to work with cities, counties, and tribes to create diverse housing options. If we can create smart growth, we can build communities that save taxpayer money by economizing on public services and building healthier communities.
  • Early Childhood Education: Early Childhood education is one of the best investments we can make as a society. For every $1 in cost, there are between $6-$9 worth of benefits that include higher wages for parents, for children, and even reduced costs of incarceration.
  • High quality schools and College Promise programs that increase the chances of students attending technical schools, community colleges and four-year college.
  • Secure and fair access to water in Whatcom County: We cannot fix our water problems by ignoring they exist. We need to find a fair and efficient way to allocate water to those who need it. I’m an economist who studies this issue and I want to see a program that is more than a short-term fix. We need to get the long-term incentives right for water so our businesses and our families know they have secure access to future water supplies.

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