FACT CHECK! A SuperPAC is Misinforming Voters

FACT CHECK! Have you received a text, seen a TV ad, or received a mailer about Rep. Shewmake from her opponent, or the Republican Super PAC supporting her? 

Here's the facts:

~ Rep. Shewmake is trusted to deliver on public safety.

~ Rep. Shewmake brought in the funds needed for Whatcom County's new crisis triage center! This will enable people to be treated for mental health and substance use disorders and this center is a public safety priority.

~ While the State Legislature does not fund police, the Legislature does fund the Washington State Patrol. Rep. Shewmake voted for that funding.

~ This misinformation is paid for by a Republican SuperPAC supporting Sharon's opponent, Jennifer Sefzik (R). The same corporate interests are directly paying for Sefzik's campaign*. Much of the money comes from corporations such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and insurance corporations. 

You can read Sharon's full statement here. 

Here are the facts from Prosecutor Eric Richey:


* Source: www.pdc.wa.gov